No matter what channel your customer inquiry comes from—email, contact form, trouble ticket, or social media—Smartconnect enables CC routing to the proper department for resolution. Since Smartconnect is built on a machine learning platform, the system gets smarter with each interaction, adapting over time to go beyond just classifying a message to suggesting responses based on intent and ultimately taking automated action so requests can be resolved without human intervention.

Smartconnect is language independent and can be quickly trained to process and respond in any language after loading a preliminary data set. It can process content from any channel including emerging technologies and integrates with all leading contact center applications.

Benefits of Smartflow

Instant Handling Increase service levels with immediate message classification and distribution. Automated responses go out instantaneously, fulfilling customer requests in real-time.

Greater Accuracy Correctly dispatch incoming messages, from simple questions to complex inquiries. Smartconnect’s skill-based routing enablement overcomes human constraints.

Increased Satisfaction Properly address the customer’s request and provide resolution the first time, creating an enhanced experience for both the agent and the customer.

Lean Process Increase productivity, decrease training time, and reduce resources dedicated to repeatable, manual tasks and multichannel monitoring.

Rapid ROI Experience a return on investment in less than six months based on the “Classify” functionality alone. Returns increase over time with “Intent” and “Action” automation.

Do cost savings and increased customer satisfaction sound good to you?

Let us show you projected results before implementation. If we can’t prove ROI, you don’t pay! Contact us today to get started.

90% – elimination of manual routing
50% – agent performance improvement
25% – full inquiry automation