Call center technology is changing at such an astonishing pace that it’s getting very hard to keep up for companies who provide services and materials for contact centers. The wide variety of different channels that contact centers can integrate into their communication can become quite overwhelming.

The rise of new communication channels also gives rise to additional challenges on a purely technical level. As a result, far too many projects that would have been routine in the past now become complex custom jobs. This has a big impact on the use of staff and consequently on pricing.


The main reason why these challenges come up is the fact that end users are pushing contact centers and companies to new forms of communication. Demand means opportunity, but integrators now have to face the hard work of meeting that demand. How can all these new channels be integrated smoothly? There are so many different applications, devices, social media platforms, etcetera. Not only do they have to function well individually, it should also not be too complicated for a contact center to work with all of these different media together.


Obviously, we will see increased research & development costs. With each new application that comes out, companies need to examine its possibilities, its problems and its best use. The rate at which new communication channels pop up in the digital landscape has accelerated dramatically in recent years. When new technology is introduced so regularly, it takes new insights and expertise to integrate them seamlessly into the workings of a contact center.

While this is costly, companies need to keep up because if they don’t, they will see their advantage over competitors decrease rapidly. If your company doesn’t make use of the newest communication channels, the next one will. As a result, competition rises from software vendors. Many clients of contact centers will decide that going straight to the software vendor is the quickest route to a fluent solution.


Integrators are aiming for the following goal: offering the best solutions for optimal client experience. Often this comes down to finding the right technology to make the integration of multiple channels of communication simple and smooth.

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